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Independent PICC insertion company contracts

I am trying to figure out what needs to be included in a contract between a private, independant PICC insertion company and the facilities at which they insert lines.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Obviously cost per line, hours of coverage provided, response time, and abilitiy or inability to confirm line placement at the bedside would be a few key issues. 

I would appreciate all feedback you could give!



ann zonderman
While there are lots of

While there are lots of consultants doing this work, 

CYA... be sure you are fully protected in the event of a conflict.  Consult a lawyer before you enter into a formal contract.


Ann Zonderman, BSN, JD, CRNI

That is what I am hoping to

That is what I am hoping to do (CYA).  I want to have a contract that I give to the facilities for them to sign as well as myself.  I have an appt with the lawyer, but don't want to forget to tell him anything that I need included.  Thanks for helping!

 Can you locate a contract

 Can you locate a contract used locally by a dialysis company who provides nurses, etc to come into the hospital and perform dialysis on hospitalized patients? If so, this would be a good model to follow. Of course you would need to change the dialysis language to VAD insertion language. Lynn

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 I hadnt thought of that

 I hadnt thought of that avenue, but its a great idea.  I will look into the dialysis contracts.  Thanks for the advice.

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