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implanted ports

I have two questions about implanted ports.  Do you allow inpatients to shower with the huber needle in place? and how long after a port is implanted do you wait to access the port?


Gwen Irwin
Implanted ports

We do have patients with accessed implanted ports shower.  We use the Aquaguard cover over the site and the connections.  We are following the oncology patients and rounding on their patients M-F assessing many factors.  Since changes including our rounding, even their neutropenic patients don't have BSIs.

This oncology group presented their radically reduced BSIs for neutropenic and all oncology patients at this year's ONS congress.  There is so much for that we are doing to protect these patients.

About accessing, the surgeons access in the sterile field after implantation.  We use those for 7 days and then reaccess.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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