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Hydration therapy at home

Does anybody out there have a policy for administration of hydration fluids in the home care setting?   We have an administrator who believes that it is okay to hook up fluids on a patient (with teaching of course), leave the home, and then return when the infusion is finished.  I have a hard time with this.  Thanks for your input. 

The goal for home infusion is

The goal for home infusion is to teach the pt/cg how to self administer medication/fluids in the home care setting.  You don't say if this is a one time hydration or something that will be continuing.  If it's a one time deal then it probably makes sense fot the nurse to stay especially if it's something that can be given over a short period of time-1-2 hrs.  For longer infusions and a teachable pt/cg then I see no reason why the pt. could not be connected and monitored for a short period of time and the nurse leave to return for a disconnect.  Obviously not knowing all of the details of your pt. it would depend on several factors including safety, reliability of the pt/cg to identify problems, comorbid conditions, etc.  Each case should be evaluated but usually for a simple hydration pts should be fine self administering.

And some patients on chronic

And some patients on chronic hydration or TPN learn to hook up and disconnect every day independently. It just depends on the situation.

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