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hyaluronidase & extravasation policy

We are updating our non-cytotoxic extravasation poliicy. Now that hyaluronidase has returned to the market, does anone use it for an antidote now? Specifically what dose, 150U/ml. We would like any policy info or articles.



I have just completed an

I have just completed an online continuing education course on this issue. It will be available within the next couple of weeks. There are numerous case reports of using hyaluronidase for treatment of numerous drug extravasation. In fact, this antidote has the most reports. However, none of these reports are with the new formulations of hyaluronidase now on the market. There are 3 - 2 are animal derived and 1 is recombinant. The dosing and administration is the same. The most recent single article I can provide is:

1.    Hadaway L. Emergency: Infiltration and Extravasation - Preventing a complication of IV catheterization. American Journal of Nursing. 2007;107(8):64-72.

My course has more than 90 references but please remember that we do not, nor will we ever have, randomized clinical trial in humans. The reason is ethical. It would not be ethical to set up a human study of known vesicants and randomize patients to one method of treatment or another. So we must rely on case reports and animal studies.  


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