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Carole Rumsey
Huber needle change

If a patient requires more than once a week Port (accessed with a Huber/non-coring needle) dressing change due to excessive sweating does the Huber needle need to be changes more frequently than every 7 days? 

I change everything at the

I change everything at the same time because that is the only way to maintain sterility under that dressing.  I remove the old dressing, remove the Huber needle, perform site care, access with new Huber needle and check for blood return and waste a couple ML of blood, stabilize the needle with sterile steri strips and cover with tegaderm.  That's just me though.  Valorie

Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

For many, many years, port

For many, many years, port dressings were changed twice a week but the port access needle was only changed once per week. There is no evidence to support changing the needle more frequently than weekly and none to support changing the needle with each dressing change. Also, keep in mind that implanted ports have historically had the very lowest rates of CRBSI. Lynn

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