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Gina Ward
how long can a femoral line be kept in place


I know this doesnt relate to PICC lines but it does central lines in general. 

If a physician places a femoral line is there a specific time frame prior to 7 days that it must be removed due to the high risk of infection from that site? 


Thank you in advance,   Gina Ward RN, CPAN

ann zonderman
femoral lines

My thoughts would be ASAP since they are designated as "aviod when ever possible" per CMS  - due to the high risk of infection / per location.



Ann Zonderman, BSN, JD, CRNI

I would agree with Ann. All

I would agree with Ann. All standards and guidelines are now saying to avoid the femoral vein for CVC insertion sites. Infection, thrombus and many aberrant tip locations are quite possible with this site. So I would agree that the goal should be to remove a percutaneously placed femoral CVC ASAP. This would not apply to those tunneled catheters where the exit site is not located in the groin area though. Lynn

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