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BJ Emory
Home infusion pharmacy productivity
I would be very interested in any home infusion pharmacy productivity studies that may be available.  I am trying to establish some benchmarking criteria for our pharmacy to substantiate staffing as appropriate.  Would appreciate any input.  Thanks!
Ann Williams RN CRNI
I would be interested in

I would be interested in this discussion.  I work in a home infusion pharmacy and my manager has me doing "productivity" but in my opinion it isn't because it is nothing more than a slash mark for every 15 min of whatever activity.    I wouldn't mind being on productivity if there was value in the data.  All this shows is if I was at work, I basically have slash marks for those 8 hours.  All it is showing in my opinion is that I worked 'x' number of hours.

So I would really appreciate hearing how others do it.  Thanks!!


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