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heparin lock flush for port
Are there any children's hospitals,  pediatric outpatient facilities or home care agencies that use 10 units/mL to flush ports when deaccessing?  INS Flushing Protocol recommends 100 units/mL for monthly maintenance flush.  Many facilities are using 10 units/mL when port is accessed for intermittant medications.   Are there any published studies on amount of heparin requried to maintain patency?  Is 10 units/mL safe to use upon deaccess?   Any information is appreciated.
We use 10 unit/ml heparin
We use 10 unit/ml heparin for all of our pediatric ports and also for adult hem/onc patients.  For peds the usual dose is 3 ml and adults 5 mls.  We have been doing this for over 12 years and rarely have a problem with patency.
mary ann ferrannini
 I am having this same

 I am having this same debate...I want to switch to 10 units per ml (5ml) for our pts with ports that we accessing frequently and they are locked off. I want to stick with 100 units per ml (5 ml) for de-access and montly flush..would love to hear what others are doing and why!!!

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