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Hand hygiene for PICC dressing changes

What is current practice for changing the PICC dressing- how many pairs of gloves and when is hand hygiene performed?  current policy states perform hand hygiene after removing clean gloves before donning sterile gloves.  The concern is leaving the bedside to perform hand hygiene.  The second issue is what to touch with the clean gloves versus the sterile gloves (STATlock, dressing, etc)

Thanks for input,

Kathy Dodd, RN, BSN

Central Line Nurse


Memorial Healthcare System

Chattanooga, TN 37402


I keep a can of alcohol-based

I keep a can of alcohol-based hand cleanser with me. It is the same solution that is in all the rooms and hallways.I can easily clean my hands with this between glove changes without walking away. We use the tegaderm CHG dressing for our central lines. I keep a syringe of saline handy. Wetting the CHG allows it to come off easily if it is stickng, and I no longer need to touch the statloc or anything under the dressing. Hope this helps.


Gail McCarter, BSN,CRNI

Franklin, NH

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