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Guidance on whether IM solution 50 ml artemether can in administered directly into IV with LR solution?

Colleague in China said it was fine, but I am unsure if this is dangerous or not, and why.  Any guidance would be appreciated.


Artemether is a derivative of artemisinin.  Artemether in IM form is 5 ml of artether in oil base and used for direct injection for people in comas from say, malaria or Denque fever.  However, I have been told in Asia, they admin via injection port if patient on IV.


Can you suggest the good, bad and more on this?  What is the implications?




In what country do you

In what country do you practice? In the United States, all drugs are labeled with a route. If the IV route is not on the label for the specific drug it can not be given by the IV route. There are many variations in the components of drugs that are labeled for IM versus IV. Sometimes the various components are the same and safe for all routes, but this is not always the case. I would only give a drug by the IV route if it is labeled to be given by the IV route. I did a brief Google search of this drug and I am not even sure if it is available in the US yet. The only information I found was about the oral form. Lynn

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