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gloves when changing endcaps

Does everyone wear gloves when changing endcaps on a central line or PICC? 

Yes, washing hands and

Yes, washing hands and wearing gloves when handling a CVC is part of chasing ZERO!

gloves with end cap changes

Gloves (non sterile are good) should be used as there is is the potential of contamination of both the line and the caregiver.

Using gloves helps us to remember this is serious and the need for aseptic technique to prevent line infections.  I use gloves as you never know if you are going to encounter blood or other fluids/medicationsn (like a Chemo) on the hub of the line that may pose a risk to the person changing the cap.  To me it is just good practice and common sense.


Ann Marie 


Ann Marie Parry RN CRNI

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Ann Marie Parry, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

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Gloves to change end caps

 Wearing gloves adheres to the safety requirements under Standard Precautions and mitigates risks under the guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control. For these reasons, wearing gloves is recommended when changing end caps to to the risk of exposure to blood and infection risk to the patient.



When it coincides with a

When it coincides with a dressing change or if we are drawing blood we do, otherwise we don't.  We stress hand hygiene prior to any catheter manipulation.  We have directed our patients to ask staff if they have washed their hands.

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