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Frequency of PICC tip verification xrays for patients on TPN

How often does your facility check PICC tip placement on patients receiving TPN? Once a week? Once a month? Only if issues?

I do not see any references

I do not see any references to this question in the INS Standards of Practice but if you have thoroughly taught the pt. how to monitor for central line complications I would say only if issues arise.  Lipid sludge has been our greatest challenge and the physicians around here will not order ethenol locks due to the fact they are not prepackaged and some misunderstanding about the procedure.  I am anxious to see other recommendations.  Valorie


Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

 INS Standards about the

 INS Standards about the issue of repeated tip location veritfication are found in Standard #53 CVAD Malposition. 

For catheter Clearance read Standard #56 Catheter Clearance: Occluded CVAD. 


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