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ms redsuzy
foot iv"s and infusates

 i have run into a problem with foot iv's and certain infusates that  we need a policy or guidelines on. can anyone help?

IV's in the foot for adults are not recommended...

IV's in the foot for adults are not recommended, because of the increased risk for DVT's and other complications.

Maybe this article would help with your policies and guidelines?  Peripheral Catheters Placed in Atypical Locations by Lynn Hadaway.

/Tess M. Hopkins

Use of veins in the lower

Use of veins in the lower extremities of adults and children old enought to walk should be avoided. The only time it is acceptable in adults is in a life-threatening emergency and no other access can be obtained. As soon as possible, a more reliable and safe site and type of vascular access must be obtained. So I would not go down the path of establishing what infusates being acceptable for infusion through veins of the lower extremities. I once had a defense attorney ask me to review a case involving injection of promethazine through the veins of the foot of a female patient who was ambulating. I refused to even take a look based on the fact that there would be no defense for such a practice. There are now too many techniques that can be used for safer access such as using infrared light or ultrasound devices to locate peripheral veins of the upper extremities or placing a midline or PICC using ultrasound. So the policy is use the veins of the feet only in life-threatening emergencies when no other veins are accessbile and get it out ASAP. Lynn

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the foot

I see no difference between a foot IV and a femoral line.  The Joint Commission is telling us to dump femoral lines.  Why would one use a foot IV except in an emergency

Kathy Kokotis RN BS MBA

Bard Access Systems

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