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Flushing PICC with citrate dextrose

Is anyone out there uses citrate dextrose for flushing  PICC lines, Ours MD's start ordering this drug as an alternate for those patients who are heparin sensitive or suspected for HIT

your responses is greately appreciated,

elvie balinsat

Are you in the US or some

Are you in the US or some other country? If in the US, I am curious about how you are obtaining this solution. Does your pharmacy aliquot into prefilled syringes for your use? Are you drawing this up from a large fluid container? 

Citrate is being used in many other countries and there are many studies supporting its use, although the concentrations vary widely. Also, I would never feel comfortable allowing any dextrose-based solution to be used as a locking solution. The dextrose provides great nutrition for the biofilm to grow and biofilm will always be present. Many of the studies have combined citrate with other solutions such as ethanol to provide both antithrombotic and antiinfective properties. Citrate alone would only provide the antithrombotic agent and the dextrose provides food for the biofilm. So not my idea of the best solution available. 

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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We are in Calaifornia. Our

We are in Calaifornia. Our Pharmacy alliqout theACD ; 3ml to a 10ml syringe, they deliver it to our nurses to administer.

I have found few studies but used in Apheresis or hemodialysis, none on PICC or other central venous catheters. I found few studies on Sodium citrate also on hemodialysis but again none on PICC

Thank you Lynn for your response...

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