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flushing Arrow triple lumen CVADS

Can anyone tell me the manufacturer's recommendations for flushing Arrow triple lumens?  Do they recommend a pulsating technique?  How can I obtain a copy of the instructions for use?

You should contact the

You should contact the manufacturer to obtain their instructions for use. Pulsatile flushing is not recommended as there is absolutely no evidence to support its use. Search this site for additiolnal discussion on that issue. Lynn

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Chris Cavanaugh

The instructions for use are included in every Arrow kit, so the easiest way may be to simply remove one from the kit when the next one is inserted.  Likely, it is discarded by the MD during the insertion procedure.  In addition, I am happy to send you the IFU pertenant to the product you use if you email me the kit code number you use (on the lid). 

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Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

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