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Robbin George
Financial reimbursement for bedside US

PLEASE answer this question regarding actual financial reimbursement for Hospital based PICC teams and bedside Ultrasound..................

If we obtain a printer that takes a real time photo (time and date stamped) can this be submitted to insurance for financial reimbursement? 

I understand that by virtue of our advanced practice we are a revenue sparing department but are there ways to generate actual revenue

from a Hospital based bedside PICC team?   

Karen Day
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Robbin, after years of


after years of trying, we are finally billing for this service as facility charge (you can not bill for nursing procedures).  We currently do not have the printer capability, but I have heard that you can add that as a charge.  I have attached some information I received from Jim Lacy at the 2007 AVA conference in phoenix in regards to this process.  this information helped us tremendously in setting up the codes and charges and has helped our department turn into not only a cost savings department, but a revenue making department as well.  Hope this helps.

these should open in PDF format, but if you have any trouble, please email me at

[email protected] and i will forward you his email.



Robbin George
Thank you Karen Day--I think
Thank you Karen Day--I think the other 2 entries below are misplaced--In addition to information about coding for PICCs does anyone have information about coding for other IV procedures such as Therapuetic Phlebotomy / Port Access / Declotting etc 

Robbin George RN VA-BC

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