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filtered tubing
I'm in the process of writing a policy about what medications must be filtered for administration. Can anyone tell me what their hospitals are filtering? I'm aware of the chemo. drugs which require a filter, I need help with those drugs other than chomotherapy.
Yes, but where can you find

Yes, but where can you find a list of drugs that require a filter?

Brigid Kleinschmidt
I too am looking for 'the
I too am looking for 'the answer'.  Our Children's Hospital used to filter any central line, but stopped several years ago (can't give you the exact data that supported the change).  Our understanding was that better practices in Rx led to safer solutions.  We still have some of our seasoned nurses (night shift) insisting that our novices follow the practice.  Hard to convince them and would like to show some data.  We tell them to filter blood, TPN, some chemo. 
Blood, PN, and chemo all

Blood, PN, and chemo all require very different filters. So a blanket statement of filtering these solutions is far from adequate. I would advise that you obtain the new INS textbook and review the chapter I wrote on Equipment and the different types of filters, the wide number of reasons for their use including particulate matter, air, and microorganisms. 


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