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 Is it within the INS scope of practice to evacuate blood/fluids on a large infiltration/extravasation to release pressure assisting to prevent compartment syndrome?     


The only thing I can think of

The only thing I can think of that you may be referring to is a surgical procedure and this not within the scope of practice for nurses, other than nurse practitioners. The following is a huge literature review that was recently published on all treatment procedures

1.    Doellman D, Hadaway L, Bowe-Geddes LA, et al. Infiltration and extravasation: update on prevention and management. J Infus Nurs. Jul-Aug 2009;32(4):203-211.

Treatment of any compartment syndrome requires a surgical procedure and there is a limited amount of time to diagnose and treat before the patient looses the entire extremity. So surgical consult must be fast.


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