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Extravasation of vasopressin and norepi

Does anyone know  the PH of vasopressin and norepi?  I know that they are vessicants.  We had an extravasation and are now doing an RCA, so I need all the info I can get.


You need to have the book,

You need to have the book, Intravenous Medications, published annually by Mosby. Vasopressin has pH between 2.5 & 4.5.  Norepinephrine is 3 to 4.5. Neither drug should have been infused through a peripheral vein due to the vesicant nature and the pH. Lynn

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Thanks for the info- I will

Thanks for the info- I will invest in that book.  The MDs attempted an IJ but were unsuccessful therefore PICC nurse to the rescue but the pt. was going downhill fast and that is why they ran it through the PIV.

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