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Extension tubing

 Does anyone has any feedback on bifuse or trifuse extension sets. We are working on a CLABSI reduction team and two critical care nurses expressed that this is better than constantly connecting and disconnecting from the side ports. I am not familiar with them, so i am reaching out for any information. I tried a lit search but havent found much!  Thanks in advance!  Trish

 By "side port" I am assuming

 By "side port" I am assuming you mean a needleless connector injection port on the prirmary continuous administration set. I have not seen any studies about this question. Allowing sets to remain connected to the administration set without connection and disconnection with each dose of intermittent medication decreases the manipulation of the system and can theorectically decrease the risk of contamination and thus infection. But these multi-lumen extension sets do NOT make a multiple lumen catheter. Each medication must be assessed for compatiblity and if there is no evidence that the 2 drugs can be given together, they can not be infused through these sets because there will be contact between the drugs in the catheter lumen. So infection is not the only question to be assessed. Lynn

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 Thank you!  This was my

 Thank you!  This was my thought process, but i want to be open to all suggestions made my the front line staff. I would welcome additional comments!  Thanks!!


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