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Marilyn Hanchett
Extending the Use of Intermittent IV Tubing

I am interested in locating indiviudals/institutions that have extended (or may be considering) the max hang time for intermittent IV tubing from 24 to 72 hours. Have you implemented this change and if so, have you measured or been able to correlate any changes in CABSI with this change? Please email me off the list at [email protected]. No need to re-state INS position on this issue. I am investigating - at a very preliminary point -  how actual practice MAY be challenging this non evidence based recommendation.

Marilyn Hanchett RN

Marilyn, We are just the


We are just the opposite.  As you said "no research" we moved from 96 hours for our intermittent tubing to 24.  We also implemented several other strategies to reduce our CR-BSI rate.  So with implementing "many things" it really is hard to say what has caused our rate reduction.  We continue to maintain continuous tubing for 96 hours.

  We also just changed our


We also just changed our intermittent tubing to every 24 hours.  Our continuous is still 96.

Interesting that you post
Interesting that you post this after I have just lost a battle whereby we changed our policy from 24 hour change back to 96 because it was "too confusing" for the nurses with multiple time changes.  I am very disappointed that we had to lower our standards because our nurses were not considered smart enough to get this concept.  It was considered that it would be better not to be caught non-compliant than to do more education to maintain a higher standard of practise.  The problem with evidence-based medicine is that it lags behind our common sense.  If you are fortunate enough to have this practise in place, I wouldnt change.  The cost of one CRBSI will defeat the cost savings of extended hang time.
Craig Farris RN CRNI
Marilyn, As you consider


As you consider this change for CRBSI reasons consider this:

Many of the medications that we are infusing now have a limited stability.  I recomend consuting your pharmacy about which drugs have short stability and may need a tubing change more frequent for that reason. 

Good luck



Craig Farris RN, CRNI

Clinical Nurse liaison

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