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Early Vascular Access Assessment Tool

Does anyone have an assessment tool that they would be willing to share? Thank you.  Jennifer

Matt Gibson CRN...
Assessment tool

Do you use  EPIC (electronic medical record)? I built a tool for this program, but it could be used with paper charting. It has for areas with drop down boxes. I did not use a scoring system so the practioner would need to be comfortable with making recommendations. It really is user friendly and comprehensive.

This is how it is formated;



PICC     Jugular PICC (you could include any other option you wish)


Prescribed therapy and Duration

Here we listed 30 or so drugs labelled with the appropriate pH and irritant/vesicant


Physical Assessment

A list of 15-20 options. Less than three rotate able sites, multiple attempts, daily PIVs, bruising, fragile veins, no veins palpated, one extremity available, ect.



PICC placement, Radiology PICC placement, Chronic renal failure, Pacer, Mastectomy, CVA, Diabetes, PVD. This list has 25-30 options.


And the last section is patient preference and patient education.




If you see it, it may make more sense. The lists are thorough so all the considerations are there for the right line at the right time philosophy. We highlight all the selections we want to include in the assessments and it auto enters the selection under the appropriate area. You could use this on paper and circle the items that apply. I'm not sure how that would look but just an idea for you. 


Matt Gibson RN, CRNI, VA-BC

THe Heart Hospital

Deaconess Health Systems

Newburgh , IN


 If you have a link you could

 If you have a link you could send I would appreciate it.  Sounds like a great tool.  TY


Angela Lee
I would appreciate a copy of

I would appreciate a copy of your tool as well or a list of your drop down options, if possible.  We are planning to incorporate a similar tool in our EMR.  Is this associated with the prescribers orders or the nursing assessment?  Thank you

Angela Lee

Dan Juckette
"Lines by the Numbers"

I have a new early assessment tool I am calling "Lines by the Numbers". I was planning to use it as a Poster Presentation at AVA but I did not get it submitted in time. I will send it to anyone who emails for it.

[email protected]

Daniel Juckette RN, CCRN, VA-BC

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