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DVT risk
Is there an increase in risk of DVT formation with multiple  sticks to place a PICC line?
We know that injury to the

We know that injury to the intima of the vessel increases the risk of thrombosis, and repeated "sticking" into the vein especially in close areas of proxiimity would cause the intima definitely to become injured.

 I nmy practice if I had to stick in a general area more that two times, then I went to another location.  Yes, it created a longer process for me and sometimes it created a problelm with managing the "time issue" but realistically, it is the best thing for the patient. 

The long term gains from a fresh site, with one stick far outweigh the risk of a complication.

Cheryl Kelley RN BSN, VA-BC

just by obesrvation...I can
just by obesrvation...I can say YES..we often use our US to determine the health of a is no coincidence that those vessels are occluded at sites with multiple needle sticks .those sites are superficial venous thrombosis
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