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DVT rate, Power PICC, and Non-Power PICC, myth or fact!!!

Will non-Power PICC be better than Power PICC? Since Power PICC is stiffer, can it cause more DVT? Who wants to be the Myth Buster?:)

There is not much evidence of

There is not much evidence of any kind published about outcomes with any brand of power injectable PICC. However the studies on thrombosis clearly show that larger size catheters have a greater risk of vein thrombosis. So if you are placing only 6 Fr power injectable PICCs your rates would be higher than those placing smaller sized catheters. It is not the fact that the line is power injectable. It is the outside diameter of the cathete and its relationship to the vein's internal diameter. Lynn

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Thank you so much Lynn.

Thank you so much Lynn.

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