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cathy donahue

I am being persuaded to place a picc in an arm that has recently had a dvt (from the last picc placed 12/28).  The dvt has resolved, per today's doppler study.  The patient has had a complete lymph node dissection on the opposite side.  Am I correct to question this request? 

mary ann ferrannini
 What kind of DVT are we

 What kind of DVT are we talking about here an UEDVT or a CRT? Does the pt have any other risk factors? Does the pt have CA? What is the PICC needed for?You need to look at the whole picture and evaluate the benefit vs the risk? Is there another option for vascular access that would or could meet the pts needs while decreasing their risk? It sounds like you had a current study indicating that it had resolved....if I thought the benefit outweiged the risks I would most likely place the line..often I will have to have a discussion with the MD about this before I decide..then if I place I document my conversation with the assessment and make sure I perform excellent patient teaching

cathy donahue
Yes, it is an UEDVT and yes,

Yes, it is an UEDVT and yes, the patient has cancer (all of my patients do).  I, basically, was just wondering if there was literature to support a decision (to place, or not to place).  There is always another way... it's just getting the docs to understand that fact.  Thanks

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