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Dual lumen PIV catheters

On a very rare occasion we use the Arrow dual lumen IV catheters.  We are looking for alternatives to this product.  I have had no luck determining if other manufacturers make this type of catheter.  I know that BD does not.  Is anyone aware of any other manufacturers that make a dual lumen IV catheter?


The only one I have ever seen

The only one I have ever seen is the one from Arrow, now Teleflex. Lynn

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dual lumen PIV

Arrow is only manufacturer

Problem is a risk of running incompatibles in low blood flows and mixing of drugs

High phlebitis rates - small veins with irritant drugs

Would not recommend for vesicant drugs

Very short term device

Kathy KokotisRN BS MBA

Bard Access Systems

Peter Marino
Dual lumen PIV catheter VS Bifurcated extension set

What is the advantage of a dual lumen PIV compared to using a bifurcated extension set?

Peter Marino R.N. BSN CRNI VA-BC Hospital based staff R.N. with no affiliation to any product or health care company.

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