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Laura Cordell
Dry heat after picc placement

Do any of you apply dry heat to the picc site for 8-12 hours after placement to aide in decreasing DVTs?



I have never used dry heat

I have never used dry heat and never used moist heat prophylactically on all patients after PICC insertion. Outcome data from our insertions proved that we had so few cases of early stage mechanical phlebitis, that we did not need to use it on all patients. Moist heat was used only when there was a clinical indication for it. Now that we are using MST, US and upper arm insertions, the rate of phlebitis is lower. So I can not see a need for any type of heat as a routine treatment for all patients. Low-level moist heat is the preferred method when there is a clinical need because the moisture increases the penetration into the tissue. Lynn

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