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Drawing labs when starting an IV

 Another question was asked from our education department where I work.... infectious disease department is concerned about starting a new IV site and drawing labs off initially.  They feel there is too much manipulation and a possibility for infection.  Is this an OK practice or not??


 I have looked at most of the

 I have looked at most of the literature on the practices of drawing blood from short peripheral catheters. I can tell you that all of it focuses on the success of obtaining the sample and the accuracy of the lab valvues given a specific process. I have not seen any studies that have assessed the outcome of the catheter including rates of any complication when a catheter was used to obtain a blood sample. You may also find it helpful to read a recent lit review on short peripheral catheters and infection. You can find it at


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 Thank-you for the

 Thank-you for the info...just reviewed the link you gave me as well. I will pass this on and see where it goes from here.

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