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Double septum implated port

We just admitted our first patient with a double septum implanted port and I have no experience with them.  I could not find any  references specific to a "double" implanted port in any of my infusion books.  Anyone with advice please share with me:) 

Valorie Dunn, RN, BSN, CRNI



Treat it like any other

Treat it like any other double lumen catheter. The reservoir is divided along with the catheter so you have 2 separate channels to infuse incompatible fluids. It is also better to access each side with an access needle that comes off the wings at the edge rather than one that extends from the center. Those that extend from the center can overlap in a dual port and may not be as stable. Do you know the manufacturer of the one in your patient? If so, you can find info online. Here is the website for one brand of dual port from Bard Access, but they have many different brands of dual ports


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Robbin George
You should also make it a

You should also make it a practice to access both sides of the dual port at the same time

This gives the nurse an opportunity to assess blood return and functionality of the entire device in one aseptic process

Robbin George RN VA-BC Vascular Access Resource Department Alexandria Hospital Virginia




Robbin George RN VA-BC

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