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Deb Gnegy
Do you use a sterile drape when accessing a mediport?

The INS Competency Validation for accessing a mediport includes the use of a sterile drape--which makes sense to me. Our kits don't include a sterile drape. I thought I should poll the experts on this before proposing to the "powers of change" that we add one.

Do you place a sterile drape around the mediport before accessing?

Thanks, Deb Gnegy

Robbin George
YES-I use it like a bib
YES-I use it like a bib below the Port site so I can safely maintain procedure sterility while resting my hand to stabilize my position on the patient's chest 

Robbin George RN VA-BC

In the outpatient setting,

In the outpatient setting, I use a sterile drape even though they are not in our sterile kits.  I also use it as a "bib" for a sterile field and to keep patients clothing from contaminating site, but also to avoid getting any excess prep on patients clothing. 

  I didn't see use of a sterile drape for accessing an implanted port listed specifically in either the P&P for Infusion Nursing 3rd ed.  or the INS standards. 


Nancy Rose RN IV Team VA

Nancy Rose RN IV Team VA Medical Center Wilmington, DE (800) 461-8262 ext 4830

We use a sterile drape when accessing ports. The drape is included in our central line dressing kit.

 To maintain sterility, I lay the prepped extension tubing w/attached sterile flush on the drape while inserting the needle. When I flush I am still sterile. I am not capable of holding on to the syringe and tubing, stabilizing the port and inserting the needle at the same time. 

Nancy Rose 

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