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Barbara Tinsley
disinfecting connectors

On our BMT unit we are changing our procedure for cleansing injection ports and connectors.  The new procedure will call for 15 seconds of chloraprep, allow to dry, then access.  I understand Dana Farber is doing this procedure.  I have not seen the evidence.  What are you doing in your practice?, if other than ETOH, can you share your evidence?

The following study was a

The following study was a bench study, not a clinical study, but it is the only one of its kind so far. It states that isopropyl alcohol or chlorhexidine/alcohol combination are effective when cleaned for 15 seconds. If alcohol alone has the same results, why are we paying for chlorhexidine/alcohol combinations? Also, have you checked with the manufacturer of the ports and connectors you are using to assess for their statements about the use of chlorhexidine? I know that some manufacturers will not issue these statements because of their lack of testing and concerns about intraluminal chlorhexidine. 


Kaler, W., and R. Chinn, 2007, Successful disinfection of needleless access ports: A matter of time and friction: Journal of the Association for Vascular Access, v. 12, p. 140-142.


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