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Dialysis Catheters

Should hemodialysis catheters be used for blood draws?  Is there any literature to support or negate blood sampling from a dialysis catheter?

Gwen Irwin
We don't use them unless the

We don't use them unless the nephrologist absolutely wants it used.  We have a "resource group" that have had additional training.  They are the only ones allowed to use them.  I can't speak to literature review.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

dialysis catheters for blood draws

Our dialysis nurses, and only the dialysis nurses, use ourdilaysis patiet's catheters, fistulas and grafts consistently for blood sampling.

Is anyone using a triple lumen dialysis catheter's in their healthcare setting "temporary triple-lumen catheter (TLC) for dialysis that has a third lumen devoted to fluid and medication administration or blood sampling?" If so, could you please share your comments and experience with using the third lumen. Who uses it, what (in general) is your institution's policy regarding use etc.?

Thank you,

Nancy Rose

Wilmington VA Medical Center

Nancy Rose 

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