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Deb Gnegy
designate a port for blood draws from a multilumen CVAD?

I'm updating policies.

If the patient has a multi lumen catheter, should a port be designated for blood draws when the MD has ordered that blood specimens can be obtained from the CVAD?

Yes. If using a catheter

Yes. If using a catheter with staggered lumen exit port, use the one that is proximal to the hub. That way you will be drawing from above the lumens used for infusion. If non-staggered, there is probably one lumen that is larger than the others for blood drawing. Follow the catheter manufacturer's instructions for use as this is included. This book can be found inside the package of a catheter or obtained directly from the manufacturer.  


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For additional safety and

For additional safety and identification RyMed te3chnology has color coded their products.  They have one that has a red hub.  It can be used on the blood draw designated hub for easy identification.  You can visit their website for more information.  They have an entire spectrum of protection.


Denise Macklin

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