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Declotting a port
What is the recommended CathFlo dosage for a port?
Angela Lee
It would depend on the

It would depend on the internal volume of the port and that can be variable.  Also you would need to take into consideration any priming volume in your access device.

Our huber needles with extension have a priming volume of less than .3 ml and usually 1 ml  is enough to clear the port. 

I would recommend checking your manufacturer's product info for priming volume and go from there.  In adults, 2 ml is probably the smallest appropriate volume but those who work with adults can give you more specifics. 

Donna Fritz
One may never know the
One may never know the actual priming volume of any particular implanted port with catheter.  I don't find consistent documentation in the operative or radiology reports about how much of what particular size port/catheter was cut to size it to the patient.   Therefore, for adults, I generally like to put the full 2 mls in and that would include the 0.3 ml priming on the needle set.  I have sometimes diluted Cath-flo with 2.5 mls sterile water to up the volume just slightly if it's in a large-shouldered individual--just to make sure it fills the entire length of the needle set, port reservoir and catheter. 
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