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Daily central line assessment (nursing documentation)

Our hospital is updating its daily central line assessment form and creating a present on admission.  The POA form will help our team capture who has been admitted with a central line.

Would any of you that document electronically be willing to share a screen shot of your daily assessment central line form?  Do you require your nurses that are lucky to be able to identify a PICC vs. a port to document the external length?  There is discussion to make the external length a required field along with the name of the vein the catheter is located.  Now if the patient had the device placed by us, we have this historical documentation, but if it was placed somewhere else - patient doesn't have a device card, the nurse doing the assessment may not have this information.

Any communication regarding what is being charted would help.

Charting external length is
Charting external length is very important.  We are trying to get our nurses looking at this with every assessment.  We have had PICCs slip out several centimeters and nobody could figure when this happened because external length was never charted.

Rose Feltner RN, BSN, CRNI
Speciality Practice Nurse
Vascular Access Team
Indiana University Hospital Bloomington
[email protected]

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