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CXR for PICC tip confirmation

What is the recommended verbiage for releasing a PICC for use when read by radiology?


In our facility some radiologists will read as "overlies teh SVC", "tip just within the SVC", "tip projected over the SVC", "tip likely within the SVC"....etc, thoughts on whether or not to release a PIcc for use if it is not read with an exact PICC tip position.


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 A chest xray  can never be

 A chest xray  can never be read for the definitive tip location. So the language will always be similar to what you have written. But just saying SVC is not adequate because the tip should be in the lower third of the SVC at or near the CAJ. An xray could never be "read" to that degree of accuracy. I would want this language to include "lower third" or something to that effect so that there would not be any question of whether it was left too high in the SVC. The SVC in adults is ~7 cm, so there could be much variation if they are just saying SVC, but I would not be concerns about "likely within" or "projected over" as long as they are giving me more details about the depth of the catheter tip. This can be measured from the right tracheobroncial angle. This information is all included in my online course on Chest Raiodgraph Intrepretation. More details about registering for the course can be found at


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