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Julie Mijatovich
CT starts with Intima catheters vs Nexiva

What type catheter do you use to start an IV for a CT scan with power injector?

Intima, straight catheter, Nexiva?


Julie Mijatovich,

Parkview Hospital

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You will need to have a

You will need to have a statement from the specific manufacturers instructions for use stating that the specific brand of catheter can tolerate high pressure injections. I know that Nexiva can tolerate these pressures but I am not sure about the Intima. I do think that other brands such as Autoguard, ProtectIV, Introcan will tolerate these high pressures but you need to check with the manufacturer. Lynn

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BD Nexiva’s power injection brochure

Here is a link to a brochure about using the BD Nexiva for power injection.

- The document lists maximum flow rates based on the Nexiva catheter gauge and type of contrast used.
- Do not use a 24 gauge catheter.
- Use an 18-22 gauge catheter

/Tess Hopkins

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