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Costs of piv start kits
I realize that there is a range in costs of piv start kits depending on what is in them, negotiations according to the amount of kits ordered/# of beds in hospital, etc.  Could anyone give me what they are paying or a range...some general idea.  I'm trying to show my students reasons to use kits instead of pulling items separately, besides the likely hood that if they pull items separately they are probably using funky tape that they strip and put on the side rails before using.  Thanks for any input.  Monica
mary ann ferrannini
 I think ours are about
 I think ours are about four dollars. Do not forget about the single use tourniquet as well .Our team recently begged for them back b/c we saw so many nurses reusing tourniquets and putting tape on bedrails and using tape that had been wrapped around their stethascope. Some were even using just tape,no tsm dressing. So inother words it forces complaince. our kits do not have the gloves b/c they are available in every room and it keeps the cost down. In addition,in urgent situations it saves time...... grab and go. Hope this helps.  
Robbin George
$4.00 sounds VERY
$4.00 sounds VERY expensive--Of course per piece cost is volume dependent but most start kits I have seen include tourniquet, transparent dressing, 2x2 gauze, tape, alcohol (or CHG) and even skin prep for less than $2/pc--Am I way off here?   

Robbin George RN VA-BC

mary ann ferrannini
 I could be off  maybe it
 I could be off  maybe it was 2 bucks I will have to check it out!!!
Thanks for your replies. 
Thanks for your replies.  So a $2 - $4 range depending on what is in them and on volume purchased.  Does this sound about right for others reading this?
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