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cost of Cathflo?

I am curious how much a dose of Cathflo is?  Do you give one dose or two?   What is the standard procedure to administer and how long is the procedure?





Baltimore, MD 


Michelle Todd CRNI
Our cath-flo cost is

Our cath-flo cost is $75/dose. We use a full dose for each lumen that does not draw blood. If we can not flush, we give the TPA using the stop-cock method. We try to leave the first dose in for 2 hours-sometimes up to four hours. If the line needs to be used and there is no other lumen that can be used during the TPA, we would try to remove the TPA after 30 minutes. If the first dose does not work, we try an additional dose. After that, the pt may get a dye study. Some hospitals are charging a procedure charge in addition to a medication charge if a specialized infusion nurse does the procedure. WFH used to charge $270 and OHSU was charging $1004 as of 2008 in addition to the medication charge. I do not know how much is actually reimbursed. I came on here today to ask if anyone knows how much they are reimbursed and if any one is currently able to charge for this as I am trying to figure out if insurance will pay for this at my current facility.


Michelle Todd, CRNI--Head PICC Nurse, Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland [email protected]

Michelle Todd, CRNI--Head PICC Nurse, Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland [email protected]

Gwen Irwin
Our cost for alteplase is

Our cost for alteplase is about $70 or $75 per dose.  Our policy covers treating with 2 doses.  Our policy covers partial withdrawal occlusion and complete occlusion for 2 doses.  We view this a less expensive than line replacement.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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