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cool vs warm

There is oftens confusion with staff RN whether to apply cool or warm to iv infiltrates (non-chemo). I know that Lynn commented in the past that most hypertonic infusions get cool compress w/ infiltration. Is there a reference for this? Is there an INS source? After 24 hrs of cool -- can you then move to warm to help absorption?


 I have just been through all

 I have just been through all of the literature I can find on everything related to infiltration and extravasation. I used this to update my online CE course on Infiltration and Extravasation. You will find the answers to your questions, as far as we have published evidence, in this course. The list of references expanded from ~90 to ~140. 

You can also check the references in the Standard on Infiltration and Extravasation in the 2011 Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, however that is a procedural issue and the specific use of either heat or cold would not be included in a standard. 

My CE course can be accessed at You will earn 5 contact hours for completion of this course. 

Thanks, Lynn

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