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Tammi Smith
clotted solo picc lines


Since using the Bard solo PICC in early February we have found that our Cath-flo requirements have dramatically increased.  Multiple inservices with the Bard rep have been provided to the staff as well from the IV/PICC team.  We are now receiving  many complaints that blood drawn from the PICC is hemolizing.  Our hospitals nurses are becoming very disenchanted with the line.  We, too, are concerned that there may be some sort of design flow with the solo picc.  Has anyone else experienced these difficulties?  Any suggestions would certainly be welcome.

Heather Nichols
   Tammi,        Check


       Check the archives on this website.  This was discussed at length a couple of months ago.  Lots of info.


Paula Happel
Our facility has been using
Our facility has been using Solo PICC for approximately a year now. We have been experiencing our biggest concern with outpatient therapy. Especially vanco infusions that are sometimes only daily or q48h. Often we can infuse, but cannot draw labs, & that is supposed to be an advantage of a PICC line. We have had to use cath flo multiple times on several of our patients. It makes me skeptical of the Bard literature stating these catheters can be flushed as infrequently as weekly & maintain patency. It seems a weekly or q o week instillation of cath flo is an expensive way to maintain catheters as opposed to using heparin. The nurses working in the outpatient treatment center are moslty PICC nurses and all are well educated on proper techniques. We also use the baxter positive pressure endcap. Inpatients with problems, I am sure is quite often d/t less the optimal technique by staff on the units- but it is with much less frequency than the outpatients. I'd appreciate some help with this also & didn't see outpatient issues specifically addressed in prevous posts.

Paula Happel, RN, MSN

Mercy Medical, Cedar Rapids, IA

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