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clipping hair prior to placement of peripheral IV cannulas

Was wondering if any of you clip hair for peripheral IV insertion on those patients with lots of body hair? What are your thoughts on this? Infection control issues etx?

Clipping excessive hair at

Clipping excessive hair at any proposed site for a catheter insertion, peripheral or central, is acceptable. This can be done with scissors or any other type of clipper device. Shaving is not acceptable and poses a risk of infection because of the skin microabrasions from the rasor. This damaged skin can serve as portals for entry of organisms. Clipping does not have the same risk. Lynn

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clipping hair

The IV Team uses 3M Surgical Clippers and sterile disposible heads to clip excess hair. The patients that "let" us clip appreciate it. Also, clipping hair helps prevent skin tears when removing tape and tsm dressings. from those with fragile skin.

Nancy Rose 

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