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cleaning dialysis catheter hubs

I am currently revising a policy for my hospital on dialysis catheter dressing changes. Can anyone tell me what you use to clean the hubs of your dialysis catheters when placing new dead end caps on the hubs?

 Although the hub of all VADs

 Although the hub of all VADs has been recognized as a source of organisms for about 25 years, I am not aware of any studies on agents or techniques used to actually clean the luer locking threads of the female catheter hub. The most common thing used is a regular alcohol wipe. But sure to allow this to thoroughly dry before attaching a new needleless connector or IV set. Alcohol can be a solvent for plastics so it could soften the catheter hub. When the new connector is attached, it could become permanently attached. I would also recommend that your check the instructions for use from the hemodialysis catheter in use at your facility. They may have some statements about how to do this cleaning. Lynn

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