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Patty Janousek
CHG bathing

We do daily CHG bathing on all patients with a central line, in an effort to reduce our CLABSIs. Recently we had a patient who stated she is allergic to CHG, and refused the bath. Does anyone know of an alternative? Thanks so much.

 CHG bathing is recommended

 CHG bathing is recommended in ICU patients and long term care patients with a CVAD. There is no evidence pro or con for bathing other patients as we do not have studies for med-surg patients. There is no alternative as CHG is the only antiseptic with evidence in the critical care and long term care populations. In a CHG allergic patient, you would also have to use either povidone-iodine and/or 70% alcohol for insertion site skin antisepsis. If you need to use an antiseptic dressing around the puncture site, it would need to be either silver or PHMB, both available as a round foam disc dressing but both without evidence about their effectiveness for reducing CLABSI. Lynn

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