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Beth George
CEU's for CRNI certification

In September of 2009 I obtained my CRNI.  I did not see anything related to CEU's for obtaining this.  I know that the recertification units required for recertification also are CEU's but I don't know if my original cerification will count towards CEU's.  Does anyone here know if the original certification counts towards CEU's.  I have emailed INS and hope to hear from them within the week but I thought someone here might offer some insight.



Gwen Irwin

There aren't any CEUs given for passing the test and becoming CRNI.  You probably have gotten CEU in the previous years to learn more about venous access and infusion nursing.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

I am not quite sure what you

I am not quite sure what you are asking. If you are asking about contact hours being applied to the requirements for relicensure in your state, the answer is yes and no. Any classes or courses you took in preparation for the CRNI exam that provided contact hours will be applicable to your continuing education requirements for relicensure. There are no contact hours awarded for taking the CRNI exam, or any national certification exam. You could also be confusing a certification with a certificate program. A certification is ***only*** offered by a national professional organization while a certificate program provides a piece of paper stating that you have met the requirements for completion and probably will provide contact hours for this successful completion. A certificate program and a certification are 2 very different entities. Lynn

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Beth George
Thanks everyone!  I was

Thanks everyone!  I was asking about contact hours for taking the national certification exam.  Good information to know as I need to be working on CEU's for relicensure! 



Beth George, CRNI, VA-BC
Nurse Clinician/Vascular Access
UAB Medicine
Birmingham, AL

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