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Elizabeth Defina
central venous catheters and Aqua rehab; CT techs injecting in CVC lines

I have 2 issues I need assistance with:

First: Does any one know of patients with CVCs doing Aqua Rehab and possibly being submerged into water up to their necks???? (PICC lines was the biggest concern). If you do have experience with this process how do you ensure the line stays dry??

Secondly: Do Cat Scan/Pet scan techs inject into central lines ???? (Pa.)

Any help with these 2 issues will be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

 Regarding the water

 Regarding the water exposure, there are numerous devices that allow you to protect a PICC site on the arm. These are made much the same as cast protectors and are readily available. I saw several on a local drugstore shelf just a few days ago. For all other insertion sites, one idea I have heard of in the past to allow patient to go swimming with lines is to apply a stoma pouch. The seal around the dressing is water resistant, maybe water proof. The bag would hold the external catheter and connector. You would have to disconnect any infusion and IV sets during this time though. So you would need to assess what might be infusing to see if that is possible. 


Re CVAD injection by CT techs, the answer is yes from the standards and guidelines written by their professional association. You should also check to see if your state has any additional rules and regs about this from their licensing board. And finally, you should have an initial and ongoing competency assessment program for this group of professionals. Lynn

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Random VAT person

I am reviewing Registered Techs be taught to check for patency on PICC before power injection.  In Texas I received a reply from the state that since they could be trained to place the lines, it is not a problem.  ASRT does not seem to have a problem with it either but I am returning to checking with them now that I have an answer with the state.  Of course I plan a full training session with compentency.  :)

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