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Turena Reeves
Central Line dressing changes

Just came from an interesting meeting in an acute care hospital and I need your help. Our goal is to change the cvl dressing every 7 days ( and prn). I'm posing the following questions.

1. Are your patients' cvl dressings usually in good shape and able to meet the 7day dressing change practice rule? Or do the dressings become bloody/dirty or lose integrity prior to the appointed time?

2.  What product do you use for central line dressings?

3. How much blood at the insertion site would prompt the nurse to change the dressing?

You may answer me off line (if you desire) at [email protected]


Turena Reeves

In my opinion, any amount of

In my opinion, any amount of blood means a dirty dressing and it must be changed ASAP. Also, I strongly believe that skin protection solution should be used for 2 reasons - to protect the skin and to increase the adherence of the TSM to the skin. So to get 7 days, I would rely on these solutions. Do not apply it at the puncture site if you are using any type of CHG sponge or gell dressing as this barrier solution will prevent the CHG from working. Lynn

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