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Rhonda Wojtas
Central LIne checklist

I thought I had posted this question but can not find it. If I am repeating myself, I apologize. Is the central line checklist a part of the patients medical recond?? I am talking about a checlist that including the utilization of the central line bundle. Thank you.

Gina Ward


Our checklist is in the Meditech computer chartiing system we do.  It was a corporate screen required by all in our area.  It includes every aspect of the central ine bundle.  It is a part of the chart and also does data collection so they can monitor for adherence.  We also document the insertion process and sites, number sticks, veins, use of ultrasound etc.  This system also allows them to track line days etc. 


Thanks, Gina

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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