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Rhonda Wojtas
Central Line Checklist

Our check list needs to be updated and we are looking at options. It the present time it is NOT part of the Electronic Mediccal Record. We are going to be looking at this in the next few weeks. I remember someone telling me that the checklist should be part of the EMR. The infection prevention nurse does not want it a part of the record. So my question is- Should it be part of the EMR and can you give me some documention to support this.


Thank you.

I can't provide a reason why

I can't provide a reason why this is a good idea but in my organization the ICPs decided to include it in our EMR. I believe their rational was to demonstrate that we are doing things appropriately.  I believed the checklist was originally designed to identify and counsel physicians who were not "on board" with good infection control practice. Now we have to "rat them out" in the EMR? 


Darilyn Cole, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
PICC Team Mercy General Hospital Sacramento, CA


It should be part of the medical record

The purpose of the checklist is not to report non-compliant behavior. The checklist is used to be sure all appropriate steps are taken. Dr. Provonost (who developed the checklist) has said that the idea comes from the airline industry and the checklists that pilots use even for the most mundane and routine of procedures. The nurse should use the checklist and be empowered to stop the procedure if some component of the list is not being followed so the problem can be corrected immediatley. The checklist is then documentation that all correct steps were taken. Incidently, the "Central Line" checklist can be combined with relevent components of the "Time-out" for a single document.

Richard D. Simpson RN, CCRN

Richard Simpson RN, CCRN

Robbin George
Richard--Can you supply an

Richard--Can you supply an example of a Checklist/Time Out document?

Robbin George RN Vascular Access Resource Dept Alexandria Hospital Virginia


Robbin George RN VA-BC

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