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CDC Guidelines, where are they?

Anyone have information about when they will be published?


CDC Guidelines

Here's a link Tim! Hope this helps!


Marty Quinton, CRNI



This is the original cdc document. My first post are revisions.



Thanks! Its a shame the CDC


Its a shame the CDC could not manage to stay evidence based when making a recommendation about draping.  A full body drape is silly, and not supported by evidence.



Karen Day
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I don't feel the full body

I don't feel the full body drape is silly, it is a standard of practice which is why they voted to not make a change to this.  Although I have not done a formal study, I can say that in our facility the PICC team utilizes a full body drape on every insertion and we have a significantly lower infection rate compared to the surgical teams who place CVC's using a much smaller drape.  One other thing, if they were to change the wording to half sheet, exactly how big would that be?  A half sheet would tend to cover up some people, however, in reality, as we deal with more and more obese and barrel chested people a half sheet barely covers their chest area and is more likely to slip and slide around and end up around their shoulders and chin by the time we completed insertion.  I like the full body drape and am glad it is staying.


Full body drapes are

Full body drapes are supported by evidence. In fact there were at least 2 studies that I can quickly think of showing a reduction in CRBSI with full body drape. So it is far from being ridiculous!!

Thanks to whoever posted the synoposis of the CDC changes. I knew this document has been finalized. So I would expect it to be published in the near future, however I do not have any dates. The publications process does take a while to accomplish. In March, I heard Dr. O'Grady say these would be out by the end of summer. Lynn

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